Friday, April 04, 2008

Pinot Evil got a thumbs up from SF Chronicle

Pinot Evil has certainly had a mixed response, but W. Blake Gray of the San Francisco Chronicle liked it when he tasted it last July. Click on the link to go to the Chronicle Podcast site and listen.
Wine: NV Pinot Evil Vin de Pays de l'Ile de Beaute Pinot Noir

Imagine our surprise when Chronicle wine reporter W. Blake Gray recommended a red wine that's only five bucks -- and it's Pinot Noir! That's right, a good Pinot Noir for FIVE BUCKS. For a whole bottle!

Not only that, says Mr. Gray, but you can even get the nonvintage Pinot Evil Vin de Pays de l'Ile de Beaute Pinot Noir in a three-liter bag-in-a-box for just $15.

Now that's downright evil!

Chronicle Podcasts : NV Pinot Evil Vin de Pays de l'Ile de Beaute Pinot Noir


Anonymous said...

Wow. That is shocking. I tasted a bottle of this a while back for an occasional feature on my blog, and it was probably the worst commercial wine I've tasted in fifteen years of wine drinking. It's the sort of wine that I can see having great variability in sourcing (though mine was the same French VdP appellation), but I'd try one before buying in quantity.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dave You lack taste and or taste buds. I.T. nerds should not drink wine and post.

Anonymous said...

I tried one 4pack 3 months ago, and that's all I drink now. Smooth and no stuffy nose the next day! Did I mention affordable? But it's $20 in our area in PA.

Just trying to find out now if the plastic bag has BPA. Anyone know?

Davo said...

The reason I've found this bogpost is due to tasting this wine. I just bought this and am furious. I mirror the statement earlier that it is one of the worst wines I've tasted in over ten years. It's my opinion they should have inverted the order of the wine's name. Evil Pinot it is.

Lance said...

Davo is right on. Foul taste, rotten prunes perhaps. My wife insisted it was "corked" even though it's sealed. Rip off at $18USD or any price.

Anonymous said...

Well, as is my custom, I shall decide for myself how I feel about Pinot Evil. I've had one bottle recently, and it was very good. My local grocery store charges $8.00 for a 750-mL bottle, which is pretty reasonable.

Some other Pinot Noirs I've had were OK but had an unappealing smell (yes, I used the word "smell", not "nose" or "bouquet", deal with it).

As for corked vs. capped, Pinot Evil comes in both. Or, at least, they changed from one to the other. The first bottle I bought DID have a cork, but the last two have screw-on caps.

Anonymous said...

Pinot Evil is one of the few boxed wines I buy regularly. No need for drama-queen mode. This is 3L of above average wine for less than $20 in the Minneapolis area. If this is the worst commercial wine you've tasted in 15 years, consider yourself lucky.