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Dtour Chardonnay 3 Liter Box

This is the French Chard in a tube, brought to us by chef Daniel Boulud, sommelier Daniel Johnnes, and vigneron Dominique Lafon. Robert Parker likes it (read down for his review).

Dtour 2004 Chardonnay
Imported by Dtour
Macon-Villages, France
3 liter box
About $35 - $45

Reviews in the press:

Mike Steinberger, August 1, 2006, Slate
Very assertive aromas, with a big whiff of honeysuckle, and some pineapple and verbena thrown in. Crisp and clean in the mouth, with more honeysuckle and a pronounced grapefruit note. Gently spicy across the palate. Nice.

Can good wine come in a box? - By Mike Steinberger - Slate Magazine

Lawrence Osborne, August 21, 2006, Men's Vogue
. . . a basic, very apple-flavored table wine.

the art and craft of box wine: Cellar:

Bruce Sanderson, October 27, 2005, Wine Spectator
The wine shows good regional character, exhibiting fresh, crisp-apple and mineral flavors on a medium-bodied frame.

Dtour Wine

Josh Wesson, November 11, 2006, The Splendid Table (NPR radio)
My absolute favorite of the tappable boxes ... I've tapped this and given it to my wine friends; it blows their minds every time.

Jessie Price, 2006, Eating Well
We tried to stick with wines available nationwide but this one was so good we had to break the rules; it’s only in New Jersey, New York and Maryland stores to date, but distribution will be expanded across the U.S. in the next year. This light, crisp wine has green apple, mild vanilla and light yeasty flavors.

Thinking Inside the Box - Eating Well

Reviews in blogs and forums:

Robert Parker, November 22, 2005, Mark Squire's Wine Bulletin Board
Last night I tasted the upscale dtour 2004 Macon-Villages in a "tube"...actually a high tech bag-in-the-box representing 3 liters of wine(about 4 bottles) that has been assembled and marketed by Dominque Lafon,Daniel Boulud,and Daniel Johnnes(about $37)....and what a refreshing non-oaked vibrant and tasty 100% chardonnay and very authentic Macon. All three men are at the tops of their respective professions(wine-maker,chef,and sommelier) so I wasn't surprised by how good this light to medium-bodied relatively modest alcohol(13%) wine has turned out......and I tasted it from a tube that had been opened for two the technology for preserving the wine's freshness and personality works very well....I predict this is going to be a huge success for all of us in need of a non-wooded vivacious dry white to drink casually.....bravo to is imported by Daniel Johnnes...212-625-2505...and I assume very respectable availability....

Mark Squires' BB on Incroyable...DTOUR....

Zita Keeley, January 2006, All I Do Is Wine
This Chardonnay is first rate without tremendous oakiness that so many Chardonnays have.

news & trips

Mitchell Pressman, December 2, 2005, Pressman's Wine Journal
impeccably fresh, classic little Macon-Villages that'll stay fresh for up to six weeks after opening.

Pressman's Wine Journal: 2 December 2005 - Catching up again

Tom & Amy, December 13, 2005, Simple Machines Forum
Tom(B) Amy(D) Notes: French wine in a box! Heh. Its has a very very light color, but a very sweet nose. It has some oak to it but very interestingly its Quite Sweet tasting as well. I think its ok. Amy doesn't!

Fine wines to end the year -- 13 December 2005

Andrew Dornenburg & Karen Page, December 1, 2005, Andrew & Karen's Web Log
We tasted two versions of the 2004 wine -- one that had just been opened, and another we were told had been opened two weeks prior. Both were medium-bodied made from Chardonnay grapes and had a deliciously fresh, crisp flavor, with no sign at all of oxidation.

Blog of Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page - December 2005 (Food, Wine, Restaurants)

Ali Rose, January 4, 2006, redteeth forum
A light, inexpensive white that does well with mild tasting foods, but is outdone by sharp cheeses and meat.

redteeth review for DTOUR, Macon-Villages, 2004

Kelly Son, February 9, 2006, redteeth blog
Typical inexpensive white wine. Slight aftertaste at first, but non distracting to the foods you eat with it. Light, great "tube" for a night in. Actually, good for just about any occasion - just don't call it boxed.

redteeth review for DTOUR, Macon-Villages, 2004

Pitu, March 3, 2006,
it does not suck ... it's pretty good | Forums for the County of Kings | Brooklyn, NY :: View topic - Fermented Grapes vs. my wallet

Wine11256917, May 26, 2006,

Nice surprise . . . Terrific wine to have on hand and sip throughout the summer on the deck. (4 out of 5 stars) 2004 Dtour Macon Villages Chardonnay (in double magnum)

pinot10005627, June 5, 2006,
Not very good tasting (1 out of 5 stars) 2004 Dtour Macon Villages Chardonnay (in double magnum)

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