Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Boxed Wine in the News - Toledo Blade

An article in today's Toledo Blade wine in a box as one of the biggest stories in the wine industry. In Wine by the box or by the bottle, Robert Kirtland highlights just a couple of reasons:

Wine by the box or by the bottle

The biggest wine-industry news focuses on wine in a box.

There are many good reasons for this type of packaging, among them: Wine in a box doesn't take up refrigerator space because the airtight sack inside the box preserves the wine fresh for weeks at room temperature.

This puts an end to the cork-vs.-cap controversy because wine in a box needs neither cork nor cap; instead, a small plastic spigot attached to the sack draws a glass or decanter whenever desired without replacing it with air, which in a few days would age the wine in a recorked bottle.

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Thank you to Robert Kirtland for embracing the box!

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