Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Castelmaure Corbieres Rouge

Since I just posted the Washington Post piece mentioning this wine, I will add this post to the big list of bag-in-box wines.

Castelmaure Corbieres Rouge 2004
From S.C.V. Castelmaure, Kysela Pere et Fils, Ltd, importer
Languedoc, France
5 liter box, vintage dated (also available in 10 liter)
About $30 - $48

50% Carignan, 35% Grenache, 15% Syrah. Ripe blueberry, cherry and garrigue flavors.

Kysela Pere et Fils, Ltd.: S.C.V. Castelmaure

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More Party Wine Ideas from the Washington Post

There's a boxed wine among the holiday party wine recommendations from Ben Giliberti in today's Washington Post, and it is neither 5 liter plonk, nor any of the usual suspects in premium 3 liter boxes from California and Australia. This is a 5 liter French import from Kysela Pere et Fils.

Big Bottles That Won't Break Your Party Budget
Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Price is usually the major consideration when buying wines for office parties and other large holiday functions, which is why jugs, magnums (1.5-liter bottles) and bag-in-box wines are popular choices for such gatherings. Although in general the quality is truly abysmal, a select few big-bottle wines deliver tasty holiday cheer without breaking the party budget.
. . .
Don't worry about deciding between cork, screw cap or bag-in-box. The only thing that matters is what's inside.

BEN GILIBERTI - Big Bottles That Won't Break Your Party Budget -

Here is Ben's boxed wine recommendation:

Castelmaure 2004 Corbieres ($36 for 5-liter bag-in-box; France; Kysela Pere et Fils Ltd., 540-722-9228): This exceptionally tasty bag-in-box wine is similar to a good Cotes-du-Rhone, with soft fruit and light notes of Provencal herbs.

BEN GILIBERTI - Big Bottles That Won't Break Your Party Budget -

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Boxed Wine Winners - California State Fair Wine Competition

The California State Fair Commercial Wine Competition is the oldest wine competition in North America, and claims to be the most prestigious as well. Boxed wines are judged side by side with 750 ml bottles, and this year (Aug 11 - Sept 4) there are five boxed medal winners.

Here are the 2006 boxed wine winners, and their awards and ratings. (Check out all the winners here.)

Killer Juice Chardonnay 2005
California, Central Coast (South)
3 liter box, $17.99
Silver 88 points

Black Box Chadonnay 2005
California, Monterey County
3 liter box, $18.00
Bronze 87

Fish Eye Pinot Grigio 2005
3 liter box, $14.99
Silver 92

Glen Ellen Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2004
3 liter box, $14.99
Silver 92

Black Box Merlot 2003
3 liter box $18.00
Bronze 86