Friday, November 10, 2006

El Paseo Valencia Red 3 Liter Box

A Spanish addition to the Boxed Wine Spot list of boxed wines:

El Paseo Valencia Red
El Paseo Winery (Precept Brands)
Spain, Valencia
3 liter box, (also available in bottle vintage dated)
About $16

Vintage Note
Vinters throughout Spain enjoyed an excellent harvest in 2004. The vintage was marked by grapes with deep color, excellent aromatics and concentrated flavors. A spring frost and hot summer temperatures ripened fruit to perfection. A reduced crop size with ideal autumn weather conditions gives the wines intensity and richness.

Tasting Note
Deep purple red in color with an intense nose of strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, spice and resin. The palate is clean and fruity with a feel of tannins and a long, wide finish.

Variety Blend: 100% Tempranillo
TA: 3.1%
Ph: 3.67
Alc: 13.5%
Available sizes: 750ml bottle, 3L cask

2004 Valencia Red | El Paseo | ¡Savor Life!

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