Saturday, May 12, 2007

Beverage World Looks at Image of Box Wines

Yesterday on Beverage World, a look at the changing image of boxed wine.
Image of Box Wines is Improving

May 11, 2007

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With better wine varieties now available in boxes, wineries are attempting to give the category a new identity far from the rowdy boating trips and fraternity parties that gave boxed vino its cheap, low-quality image.

The effort seems to be slowly paying off.

Box wine is now the fastest growing wine category.

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Beverage World

Take a look at the article on Beverage World to read the views of a number of individuals in the wine industry, including: Jeff Jenkins, wine manager of Total Wine & More in Chestrfield Co, VA; Terry Creaturo, wine coordinater for Kroger's mid-Atlantic region; Matt Reilly, Morningstar analyst; Ryan Sproule, Black Box Wines founder; Steph Waller, composer-turned-writer; and Leslie Jospeh, VP of Consumer Research, Constellation Brands.

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