Thursday, January 18, 2007

BiB Wine in Tarbes, France

What a great blog post on Eat about boxed wine! It's always refreshing to hear about the REAL Continental attitude toward the box. I'm so weary of the fallacious assumption on the part of the American press that wine in boxes is considered heresey by the French. The blogs of travellers and ex-pats give a view much more grounded in the realities of continental life.

This was posted yesterday on the Eat blog. This is a portion of the post. Be sure to go there to read the rest of Leland's post.

Boxed wine is good for you
Posted by Leland one day ago

As Black Box Wines states on their website, “The true wine enthusiast is only concerned with one thing…the quality of the wine.” That sounds extremely cheesy, but I have to agree with it. The purpose of this post is to tell anyone who is not sure if it’s okay to drink and serve boxed wine, and I believe this group to be in the majority, that it’s not only okay, but it’s smart, modern, and in the spirit of true wine drinking.

Nathan and I went through at least one ten-liter box of wine in Tarbes, which we bought from a store in a weird part of town that sold wine in huge boxes that were filled from barrels. The proprietor was a connoisseur, but not in a glass-swirling way. She was red-faced and enthusiastic, and she didn’t blink at our accents or our ignorance. We wanted good wine for daily drinking, she could see, putting us in the same category with her regular customers. She sold us something good from the region, which many of our friends rejected at subsequent social gatherings in favor of whatever was being poured from the bottle. If only they knew that we kept crap in bottles, and that what was in the box was better and more expensive.

Boxed wine is good for you

As I said, be sure to follow the link to read the rest. BTW, Leland, those blistered potatoes look to-die-for. I've got to try that.

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