Friday, March 30, 2007

AP on Boxed Wine

Last November I posted about a website called Box of Wine - A Cultural Icon, and it's creator, S.K. Waller, who is working on a coffee-table book about boxed wine. Now Steph Waller has come to the attention of the Associated Press, in an article by Lauren Shepherd.

Composer-turned-writer Steph Waller considers herself something of a wine connoisseur. But she isn't seduced by the sweet smell of cork or the curve of a narrow glass neck. Instead, the California native swoons over a glass poured straight from the box. Waller is one of a growing group of wine drinkers turning to the box rather than the bottle.

. . .

Waller, known among friends as the "Box Master" for her habit of bringing a box of wine to every party, isn't fully sold. "If I'm going to spend $25 for a wine, I'm going to get a bottle," she said.

Print Story: Wineries learn to think inside the box on Yahoo! News

Good overview article about the boxed wine trend. Too bad Waller didn't pose with a higher quality box though.

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