Saturday, October 14, 2006

Steve's Wine Challenge - A Boxed Wine Video Review

At Steve's $10 Wine Challenge the blog description says "Steve's just an average Joe looking for a bottle of decent wine for the price of a six pack". I loved his video about boxed wine. Click below to see it.

Steve's investigates the box wine revolution in this episode (also available in audio only). Italian Merlot Casarsa is reviewed along with King Fish Shiraz and a passing mention of Franzia Boxed Merlot.

Steve's Ten Dollar Wine Challenge: Challenge 7: Box Wine - part 1 of 2 (Video Version)

The Californians beat the Italians in that showdown! (Rah, rah, for the New World). But Steve, don't pour it down the sink! Can't you at least cook with it? I think Steve should try those aeration tips I found last month, especially, pouring with a long drop into the glass. I wonder how much the Casarsa might have benefited from some aggressive aeration. Thanks Steve, I hope you do more of these.

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