Sunday, September 17, 2006

Featured Winery -- English Estate Winery

English Estate Winery is located in Clark County Washington, east of Vancouver, and only 10 miles north of Portland, Oregon. English Estate has several of their vintage Pinot Noir wines available in 3-liter box.

The English Farm was purchased in 1903 by winemaker Carl English’s grandfather and great-grandfather, Carl S. and Jude English. Its 200 acres first grew potatoes and 8 children and then the property’s buildings served as a dairy farm until the early 1970's. Now, the more manageable 20 acres sit amidst a growing suburbia. The buildings have been renovated since Carl returned to the farm in 1977 and today make the perfect spot for a winery and tasting room.

In 1979 Carl began research on the Clark County, Washington soil, microclimate and general grapegrowing viability, culminating in a report titled, Winegrowing in Clark County Washington. Carl's research revealed that the Clark County soils and climate are equal to, or better than, any other winegrowing area in the world. Carl began planting wine grapes in 1980, then planted almost 4 acres of pinot noir vines in 1983, producing his first vintage for personal use in 1987. His wines were lauded by family and friends for many years, and in 2001, English Estate finally opened its doors, and Carl began offering his wine to the public. Carl’s winemaking philosophy has always been to promote the fruitiness of the grape, and in the various styles of wine he produces, the fruitiness is very prominent. He also believes in the great versatility of the pinot noir grape and thus produces pinot noir wine in many ways, to include pinot noir reds, nouveaux, and his Nectar, or sweet pinot noir sipping wine. The wines are currently available at the winery tasting room, online and in various Washington restaurants and wine shops, but if you get the chance to experience the character of English Estate and sip wine there, the charming setting of quaint, Classic American early-1900 farm buildings, towering sequoia and oak trees, seasonal flowers and burgeoning vines will transport you to another time. Located only 20 minutes from downtown Portland, Oregon, English Estate and its wonderful pinot noir wines are a necessary trip for the wine lover.
English Estate Winery News

English Estate Winery's Purple Thistle Wine Club offers members 20% off on wines, and a free wood "Beautiful Box" for 3-liter wines. Membership is free with a minimum commitment of 3 bottles or one 3-liter box per quarter.