Friday, March 23, 2007

Where Can I Buy Tefft Cellars Boxed Wines?

According the The Yakima Herald, Teff Cellars wines are available at Costco. Now I have a reason to drive 160 miles to shop at Costco. Perhaps I should phone first to make sure they have the Tefft. Here's a bit from the article:

No, Guilty Pleasures doesn't need five-gallon drums of salad dressing or soy sauce. But a five-pack of Laughing Cow cheese wedges and Tefft Cellars' fabulous Cabernet-Merlot boxed wine at a bargain price, now that's something Guilty Pleasures can get behind.

Yakima Herald Republic Online - Home Page - Yakima, Washington News, Classifieds, Information, Advertising

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John Lundholm said...

Wine in a box is a great idea but Tefft falls short. Lacks body, a cheap fruity taste ("foxy", as they say), metallic (like tin-- not flint), more like spiked kool-aid, than real wine. I could not drink it and returned it to Costco. People who new to wine might like it.

There are much better wine-in-a box choices, such as, Banrock Station.

Fly By Night Sailor said...

Thanks for the review, maybe I will avoid this one. We just finished a box of Banrock Station 2005 Shiraz - I'd call it pretty good, not great.