Friday, March 16, 2007

WBW #31 Roundup at Box Wines Blog

Wine Blogging Wednesday #31, on the theme of Box Wines and Non-Traditional Packaging, has wrapped up; big thanks to Roger at Box Wines blog for hosting this virtual tasing. You can find his excellent roundup of the participants' posts here. Twenty two bloggers joined him to participate this month, including The Boxed Wine Spot (we tasted five boxed Pinot Grigios).

The spectrum of this tasting covered nearly thirty different wines in an dizzying assortment of packages, including cans, bulk, little plastic bottles, TetraPaks, sealed glass carafe, sealed individual plastic tulip glasses, and bag-in-box (which represented 16 of the wines tasted).

I took particular interest in a few boxed wines I haven't seen, or haven't been able to obtain. The Cuvee de Peña 2004 from Chateau Pena is one I have been trying to find for some time. Seppelt Cream Sherry in a box is so surprising that if I see it, I'll have to buy it (I doubt I will see it anywhere around here). The South African Rain Dance Shiraz sounds well worth a try. Casa la Joya has a couple of red blends in 3L boxes that I would like to get my hands on. The Cotes de Provence Rose would be on my list, but I think I would have to travel to France to get it.

Dear reader, do yourself a favor and take the time to tour around all these links.

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Haalo said...

You might also like to know that there's a full range of sherries in casks along with muscat, port and tokay. Hope you can find them!