Saturday, December 09, 2006

Wine for Real Men

W. Blake Gray says "Hey, where's the wine for guys like us? Well, buddy, I got yer Bargain Wines for Men right here." And to Gray, the ultimate man's wine is Syrah. In yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle, Gray reviewed ten Syrahs, including two in boxes:

Because men don't like to run dry, the 2005 Banrock Station South Eastern Australia Shiraz ($18 for 3 liters) gives the equivalent of four bottles of wine for the price of two. The bag-in-box system keeps this wine, which tastes of juicy black currant with some allspice, fresh for up to four weeks, though the only way it lasts that long undrunk is if some overly cautious doctor warns you it'll interfere with your anger-control medication.

Another good bag-in-box value is the 2004 Delicato Family Vineyards California Shiraz ($18 for 3 liters), which has a strong black pepper flavor in addition to blackberries and earth. There's even a hint in the aroma of hot dogs, that classic food of barbecues, ball games and formal dinner parties (at least the good ones).

Turn up the game, grab a burger and bust open Wines for Men

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