Thursday, December 07, 2006

Another Reason to Drink More Wine

I was drawn to the WiWiMo blog by the reference to Black Box Wines, but I am repeating a portion of today's WoWiMo post for the same reason given there, that it highly amuses me.

For no other reason than this highly amuses me, I bring you a graph of wine consumption versus violent crime rates. If everybody would just drink more wine we would all be better off. Thankfully, we have Black Box wine, a wonderful invention and great improvement over box wines of the past.

WoWiMo: Wine and Violent Crime - It's not what you think.


Swivel is a new site, launched today, where people can upload data and compare trends of this, that, whatever. I wonder if one could compare any major societal trends to the pace of vast improvement in the quality of wines in boxes!

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KIP said...

Excellent! Thanks for highlighting the post. More reasons to drink wine are a true advance in research.

Would love to hear a little more about that 44 footer that you're living on.