Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Party in a Box from the Box Wine Guy

Today I'd like to send readers right along to this morning's post on the Box Wines blog. The Box Wine Guy set up an Instant Party Wine Bar featuring the five incredible French imports that make up the selection from Free Range Wines. Though I have planned parties with several premium boxed wine selections, I have not tried offering up the complete catalog of one winery in this fashion. I think it's fantastic. Here's just a snippet about the party setup:

The Free Range boxes worked well for a party wine bar - they formed a brightly colored, compact block. We set up five boxes, each with three liters of wine - the equivalent of four bottles. That’s like having 20 bottles of wine on your table, ready to pour - all in a space just over two feet wide. This gives your guests plenty of selection, and at the same time prevents you from running dry every few minutes.

Wines » Instant Party Wine Bar

I like the Box Wine Guy's simple system for the informal survey. To bad his data pool got shuffled!

I am quite envious. The Juice Box Wine Company, which imports these wines, doesn't yet have distribution in this part of the country, and I'm looking forward to their becoming available. The Box Wine Guy reviewed the Free Range Merlot a couple of days ago, and I hope he will cover the others soon.

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