Thursday, October 05, 2006

New Englanders First To Try FreeRange Boxed Wines

Two self-avowed "wine nuts" have put France in a box, and are delivering it to New England!

JuiceBox Wine Company Introduces the FreeRange(TM) Line of Premium Wines in Innovative 4BottleBox(TM) Packaging

Two self-avowed "wine nuts" have combined forces to bring exceptional wines to consumers at reasonable prices. Jonathan Barry and Tom Eddy's JuiceBox Wine Company has released seven different types of premium FreeRange wine, all 2005 vintage, in an innovative three-liter 4BottleBox(TM). They are Pinot Noir, Merlot, Red Bordeaux, White Bordeaux, Muscadet, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay.

The 4Bottle Box, which holds the equivalent of four standard 750 ml bottles of wine, offers the following benefits:
  • Freshness -- The wine stays fresh for up to six weeks after opening wince the wine is vacuum packed. No need to worry about wasting wine if you only want to drink a glass.
  • Convenience -- There is no glass to break or cork to fumble with and it's much easier to carry since the box weighs 90% less than bottles.
  • Value -- Putting more wine, and in this case better wine, into one package plus the lower cost of the packaging result in meaningful cost savings that are passed along to consumers.
  • Environmentally friendly -- The lighter packaging costs less to transport and requires less fuel to recycle than glass does.
FreeRange is produced by JuiceBox Wine Company, whose mission is to bring outstanding wines from the world's best wine producing regions to the U.S. at reasonable prices in innovative, convenient packaging.

JuiceBox Wine Company :: 'Wine Nuts' Launch FreeRange(TM) Premium Wine Brand

The JuiceBox Wine Company is initially offering wines from regions of France, but next year may bring us wines from Australia, Chile, Italy, or California. I'm looking forward to seeing FreeRange come to the southeast US!

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Jonathan & Tom said...

Wait until you try these wines -- they are really quite good, particularly for the equivalent of $7.50 a bottle! We expect to have FreeRange in most of the Southeast by early next year as we have just lined up a distributor that covers most of the region.
Tom & Jonathan

Fly By Night Sailor said...

I will keep an eye out for it. Unfortunately, in my area, the wine stores barely acknowledge the box, so unless it comes to the wine aisle of Lowe's Foods or Harris Teeter, I won't see it unless I drive 3 hours to the city.