Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New Website - Boxed Wine Worldwide

New this year to the online wine community: Boxed Wine Worldwide and its associated blog, The Wine Box.

This ain't your parents' box of wine!

The wine industry is seeing a revolution — a revolution in how we package and drink wine. A new generation of containers are now being used by great producers to deliver great wine in a box, not a bottle. And for good reason: Boxing wine makes a lot of sense. Boxed wines are already wide-spread in Europe and Australia, and they are becoming more visible in the US.

BoxedWineWorldwide.com is totally dedicated to the boxed wine industry and the boxed wine drinker. Here you will find the latest news and commentary on boxed wine in all forms and styles.

Many new exciting features are still in development, so, stayed tuned!

Also: Read about how BoxedWineWorldwide.com was born and follow The Wine Box, a blog by the founder of BoxedWineWorldwide.com that provides commentary on boxed wines, the boxed wine industry, and sometimes just wine in general.

Boxed Wine at BoxedWineWorldwide.com: Boxed Wine - Bag in Box Wine

Diana Sonnenreich is the creator of Boxed Wine Worldwide, and she is obviously a seasoned wine professional.

Ms. Sonnenreich, founder and owner of BoxedWineWorldwide.com, has worked for over 10 years in many areas of the wine business, including wine making, importing, retail, restauants, and private consulting. She studied wine tasting and enology in France and Switzerland before becoming one of boxed wine's biggest supporters.

BoxedWineWorldwide.com - About Us

It's fantastic that such an expert is devoting so much attention to boxed wine. I am looking forward to much more from her website and blog.

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