Monday, October 30, 2006

Bag-in-Barrel ?

Here's a new item that just turned up on eBay. It's a barrel (I'm assuming made of oak) to hold a bag of wine (3 or 5 liter) which has been removed from it's box.

Introducing the Bag-N-Barrel. This barrel is a serving container for all brands of boxed wine. The barrel will hold a 3 or 5 liter bag of wine and is the perfect decoration for the bar or kitchen! Here's how it works Lift the front panel of the barrel out of it's slot. Place the bag of wine in the barrel and replace the front panel around the spigot. Enjoy your favorite wine at room temperature or chilled!

eBay: Wine barrel for serving boxed wine- 3 or 5 liter bag (item 160046561514 end time Nov-04-06 19:04:38 PST)

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You can purchase the Bag-N-Barrel at