Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Turning Leaf Pinot Grigio 3 Liter Box

This just appeared on the local grocery store shelf several months ago, and we've enjoyed it enough to buy again and serve at casual gatherings. Have you tried this wine? If so, please add your own comment.

Turning Leaf 2007 Reserve Pinot Grigio
Turning Leaf Vineyards
Modesto, California
3 liter box, 2007
About $19 - $20

From the box:
Ripe red apple flavors, highlighted by delicious hints of citrus blossom. It's a wine that's easy to appreciate by itself, for its quality, and easy to pair with good foods such as grilled teriyaki chicken spiced with ginger, or creamy seafood risottos.
. . .
Flavors of
Red Apple
Fresh Pineapple
Lemon Citrus


Kathy said...

Found a review of this wine by Amy, September 1, 2008, From Bottle 2 Box blog:

Ripe (sour) apple flavors, hints of citrus. I'm enjoying it, and Kevin can't stand the finish. He did just say that for a Pinot Grigio it's not as bad as the others. He thinks it's weak and viney, but that's good compared to the others. 3 Box Rating From Bottle 2 Box: I Need a 12-Step Program

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Kathy,

Love your website...working on new collapsible bag based project. Looking to go to a D-Tour styled cylinder as opposed to a box. Would you know who makes that package...or where I can get info on that packaging company?


Kathy said...

Are you looking for the manufacturer of the bag? Or the manufacturer of the cylinder?


Anonymous said...

Just picked up Turning Leaf Merlot 2006 Reserve 3 Liter Box and I must say it is delicious! This wine is hard to distinguish from my favorite reserve wines offered at Williamsburg Winery in Virginia.
Try it.

Wine Road Less Traveled said...

I have not tried the Pinot Grigio but have tried the Chardonnay in a box and was pleased with the wine. Light with bright citrus flavors. A very good every-day wine.

Anonymous said...

I just tried the 2009 "vintage" Pinot Grigio and REALLY prefer it to the 2008 vintage by Black Box.

Posted as "annonymous" only because I don't want to have to register.