Friday, February 15, 2008

Tavel Rosé

From the New York Times, February 10, 2008:
Since only around 200,000 bottles of Tavel make their way to the United States each year (out of an annual production of five million), a voyage to the source is the most surefire way to slake an ardent thirst. Thirty of Tavel’s wineries are open to visitors. For one-stop sampling, the Caveau St.-Vincent, smack in the center of town, offers 30 Tavel rosés for tasting and buying. And for those sticking around for a while, the best deal in town is at Les Vignerons de Tavel, the local cooperative, where a 19-liter box (the equivalent of about 13 ½ bottles!) can be had for 15.50 euros ($23.25 at $1.50 to the euro).

Journeys: France - In Tavel, Paying Homage to the Rosé of Kings - Travel - New York Times

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