Friday, March 30, 2007

AP on Boxed Wine

Last November I posted about a website called Box of Wine - A Cultural Icon, and it's creator, S.K. Waller, who is working on a coffee-table book about boxed wine. Now Steph Waller has come to the attention of the Associated Press, in an article by Lauren Shepherd.

Composer-turned-writer Steph Waller considers herself something of a wine connoisseur. But she isn't seduced by the sweet smell of cork or the curve of a narrow glass neck. Instead, the California native swoons over a glass poured straight from the box. Waller is one of a growing group of wine drinkers turning to the box rather than the bottle.

. . .

Waller, known among friends as the "Box Master" for her habit of bringing a box of wine to every party, isn't fully sold. "If I'm going to spend $25 for a wine, I'm going to get a bottle," she said.

Print Story: Wineries learn to think inside the box on Yahoo! News

Good overview article about the boxed wine trend. Too bad Waller didn't pose with a higher quality box though.

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Steph Waller said...

I didn't know what the photographer was going to do with me, and that happened to be the only box in the house (and it wasn't even mine--it was my son's)


Thanks for the shout out.
Steph Waller

Steph Waller said...

I wasn't sure what the photographer had in mind for the shoot, and that was the only box in the house. Even at that, it wasn't even mine, it was my son's. Go figure!

Thanks for the shout-out.