Monday, September 17, 2007

Boxed Wine is Fine

From the Charleston Daily Mail

The fact that I'm following up last week's wine column with this week's on wine and beer should in no way suggest that I've lost my mind and/or fallen off the wagon. With three young boys to raise, however, it does often feel like I've fallen off the deep end.

Since I started down a slippery slope last week - proclaiming thou shalt not discriminate against screw-cap wines - then why not jump in headfirst and extol the benefits of another receptacle of the grape? That's right, I drank box wine this week. And fairly enjoyed it.

Before you boo, let me explain.

If a screw cap has become more socially acceptable because of its ability to better preserve a wine's integrity, then consider the vacuum-packed box. Its heavy plastic lining and dispense-as-you-go spout keep the wine inside virtually airtight (and thus, preserved and untainted) for literally weeks. Any wine remaining in an opened bottle is lucky to make it a few days before it starts to lose its charm.

And while the practice has been mostly limited to less-distinguished "bargain" brands in the past, more reputable winemakers are now starting to embrace the concept as well.

The cardboard carafe 'o wine I sampled this weekend was not one of those pricier labels, but the Carlo Rossi Reserve Merlot (there, I said it) was not a bad table wine for Sunday dinner.

And weighing in at 5 liters, it should get me through the better part of the week. If the boys behave.

Boxed wine is fine and keeps well - Daily Mail - Charleston

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