Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Start Getting Used to the Idea of Box Wine

In today's FDL Reporter of Fond due Lac, Wisconsin, the Wine Lady says Fewer wineries putting a cork in it. The article mostly looks at corks and screw caps, and their changing trends in wine packaging. She wraps up the article with a mention of boxed wine.
Of course, box wine is a whole another story, but in Australia and New Zealand cask (box) wine out sells bottles. They are better for the environment, weigh less, cost less and retain freshness longer. In fact, box wine will last six to eight weeks if it has a vacuum bag in it, versus two to four days for an open bottle.

So, consumers, embrace the idea of screw caps, and then start getting used to the idea of box wine.

Fond du Lac Reporter - Wine Lady: Fewer wineries putting a cork in it

The Wine Lady is Sara Cujak, of Cujak's Wine Market in Fond du Lac.

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