Friday, April 13, 2007

Will Super-Premium Wine Brands Ever Be Boxed?

This week the Wine & Spirits Daily blog posted the results of an informal reader survey question regarding acceptance of boxed wine. In WILL HIGH END WINES EVER GET BOXED? the responses ran the gamut from "absolutely" to a succinct "NO." Take a look at the post to read all the responses.

Yesterday we revealed survey results concerning critter brand in which most respondents said the category has plenty of momentum in the near term but will eventually fade out. So while we’re on the subject of packaging, we asked readers who took the survey what they think about box wine trends and its premium prospects. The actual question read, “Do you think the recent resurgence in box wine will continue? If so, do you think well-known premium and super-premium wine brands will eventually use this type of packaging?”

While there were some people who were emphatically against the prospect, most people seemed to thing that both premium and super-premium brands will eventually use box packaging. However, a sizable amount of respondents think premium has a chance but not super-premium.


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