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Corbett Canyon Merlot 3 Liter Box

The first California Merlot on the list of bag-in-box wines:

Corbett Canyon Merlot
Corbett Canyon Vineyards (The Wine Group)
3 liter box, vintage dated
Also available in bottle
About $10 - $15

Our Merlot is medium bodied with deep blackberry aromas and a soft, satisfying finish. Enjoy its smooth flavors with grilled pork chops, braised lamb and roast chicken.

Corbett Canyon Vineyards: Merlot

Reviews in the press:

Carol Emert, December 4, 2003, San Francisco Chronicle
The 2001 Corbett Canyon California Merlot ($10) is exceptionally good for the price. It displays a cherry-and-cigar nose along with tasty cherry, plum and cranberry on the palate. The long finish combines bright plum with caramel.

Box wine is getting better all the time

Mike Dunne, December 10, 2003, Sacramento Bee
Corbett Canyon 2001 California Premium Wine Cask Merlot ($10): Yep, $10. That works out to $2.50 a bottle. At that price, you can't expect a blockbuster merlot, but you do get a very drinkable take on the varietal -- bright, young and juicy, with fair-enough suggestions of merlot's frequent plumlike fruit and mint. I found it just as plummy, herbal and spicy on Nov. 22 as it was when I first tasted it from the same box on Oct. 1. I also compared the same wine in a bottle Nov. 22 and found no significant difference.

Dunne on wine: Winemakers think inside the box

Carol Emert, January 6, 2005, San Francisco Chronicle
The 2002 Corbett Canyon California Merlot ($10) is fruity and complex with a nose of cherry, green olive and hickory smoke with complementing flavors of dried cranberry, dried cherry, pomegranate and smoked meat. There is plenty going on in this wine -- particularly impressive at the equivalent of $2.50 a bottle.

A bevy of boxes have room inside for value, flavor

Chris Sherman, July 27, 2005, St Petersburg Times
Merlot, Corbett Canyon, California, 2003: Strong blackberry jam nose with berries and cherries on the palate but flat, thin and too acidic. $9.49

Taste: Uncorked: Think inside the box

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