Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's Like a Filling Station of Wine

Speaking of boxed wine in France, here's an interesting snippet from the Corkdork. The photo shows a tower of BiB boxes awaiting filling.

For those lucky enough to live in thr wine regions of France, boxed wine is a normal part of life. I was surprised to see this scene at Domaine Rabassee-Charavin. Note the firehose at the side of the tank. While I was there, winemaker Corinne Couturier filled up one of the 5 litre boxes of her excellent Cotes du Rhone Villages - Cairanne for a local neighbor.

The Corkdork - Wine and Food Musing: Wine Blogging Wednesdays #31 annonced: Box Wines & Non-traditional Packaging

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