Monday, January 15, 2007

Boxed Wine Dispenser - An Elegant Solution

Here's another simple, elegant, and functional solution to the cardboard problem. The Tapsack is a beverage tote bag which allows discarding of the cardboard box. This was originally available in a 5-liter rugged version made for boating, camping and other outdoor recreation. Now Fairtradewind is introducing a fancy 3-liter version that is very classy.

The situation: The wedding was beautiful; the party was incredible; the Delicato wines were delicious. Now it's the morning after. And what have we got?

The Delicato Chardonnay spent the night on ice in the cooler, and this does NOT look good.

The cardboard boxes are A SOGGY MESS!

The boxes have completely disintegrated!

Now what will we do with a floppy bag of perfectly good chard?

The Tapsack Elegant is a very elegant solution!

Open up the bag edges.

Slide in the bag-o-wine.

Position the valve through the hole.

Close the hook & loop edges.

Now we need a label.

Don't want to forget what variety of tasty juice is inside.

Position the label in the window pocket.

Now we're ready to pour!

Or to travel on to the next party!

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