Sunday, November 05, 2006

Wine Box Holder

Regarding the previous post, the article mentions a wine box cover.

The article was originally published in December 2005, and since that time, the wine box cover has disappeard from the shopping sites (Target, Marshall Field's, Amazon). This cover is an item that apparently fell flat rather quickly.

If it is that important to "dress up" the box, I can think of easier ways to do it. A decorative fabric cover, for instance.

I had the sales copy and photo in my files, so for what it's worth, this is what it looked like:

Our stylish stainless steel holder is designed to cover boxed wine but still allow access to the carrying handle. Good Wine, Good Friends, Good Times is etched on the front. Fits most 5-liter boxes. 10-3/4Hx4-1/4Wx10-1/4D.

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Anonymous said...

I would love to purchase one of these for a friend! Anyone know where to go to get this? I can't seem to be able to connect on the attached link.

Anonymous said...

I'd buy a nice one like this one I've seen in Denmark and Norway:

The one shown is utterly lacking in imagination and style, so no wonder it fell flat on its face.