Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trove Chardonnay 3 Liter Box

Another white wine addition to the list of bag-in-box wines:

Trove Chardonnay
Trove Wines (Centerra Wine Company, Constellation Brands)
3 liter box, vintage dated
About $19 - $23

2005 California Chardonnay. This stylish, delectable, medium-bodied Chardonnay, produced from choice North and Central Coast grapes, boasts creamy tropical fruit aromas and round, smooth flavors enriched by soft oak tones. Food Pairing Trove Chardonnay pairs beautifully with chicken satay, fried oysters, grilled garlic shrimp, fish tacos, tuna tartar and fettucine alfredo.

Reviews in the Press

Cindy Kibbe, Aug 18, 2006, New Hampshire Business Review
2005 Trove Chardonnay (Madera, Calif., 3L, $19.99): I’ve had premium bottled varietals that were not as good as this box brand. Made from 100 percent Chardonnay grapes, this Trove truly was a treasure. The crisp grapefruit, lime and pineapple flavors were balanced with just the right amount of oak and buttery creaminess.

New Hampshire Business Review

Reviews on the Web

Jerry Hall, August 31, 2006, Winewaves blog
Trove Chardonnay Box 2005 - Tasting Notes: Color: Light golden straw. Roundly textured, rich, somewhat tropical aromas (think pineapple-upside- down-cake), somewhat oak-spiced, this Chardonnay is medium-bodied and has nice concentration. Alcohol content: 13.5%. Excellent value ($18/3.0 Liter = $4.50/750ml equivalent).

winewaves: Premium 3 Liter Bag-in-Box California Chardonnay: Trove 2005 & Delicato 2005

Kirk, August 14, 2007, All Four Seasons blog
Cool box, $18 for 3 liters (or four bottles worth), and a cute name (get it treasure trove???). They even claim to be "premium wine in a box" on their website. I have one word for that--NOT. Maybe I have more words. Never (and I mean never) have I had a worse wine that this. I'm not sure what monkey poop tastes like, but it likely tastes better than the Trove Chardonnay. The color was golden, the nose was putrid, and the taste was unfathomable--as in how the heck do they ever get anybody to try this stuff twice??? My only hope (for the vineyard, that is), is that this wine was cooked, causing me so much derision and (dare I say) pain...

All Four Seasons

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Anonymous said...

I prefer Black Box, but otherwise not too bad.
Better yet, Trove is offering a $10. mail in rebate to try thier box wines

Anonymous said...

We tried Trove Merlot, which was the absolute worst red wine we have ever tried. E-mailed the winery, but they wanted us to call them. Never did that, but after 2 months emptied the rest of the box down the drain...smelled like finger nail polish remover. Yuck!
The Wills of Liberty Lake

Kathy said...

I agree about the Trove Merlot. I, too, thought it the most vile tasting red wine I've ever had. I didn't pour it down the drain though. I used it to marinade steaks.

Anonymous said...

Agreed the Chardonnay was HORRIBLE!(caps for added emphasis). It smells like apple juice (color as well) making us do a double take checking the label of the box. I'd love to hear from someone who could recommend a good use for it other than down the drain. I can't imagine a use in cooking for it. For my taste and money for box wine, I'll go to Bota. We wanted to try different box wines to weed out the bad; the TROVE tops the weed list.