Saturday, November 11, 2006

Gravel Mine Pinot Noir 3 Liter Box

Another Washington State Pinot Noir addition to the list of bag-in-box wines:

Gravel Mine Pinot Noir
From English Estate Winery
US, Washington, Clark County
3 liter box, vintage dated (also available in bottle)
About $87

3L BIBB 2002 Gravel Mine Pinot Noir. A clean, fresh wine with great tannin that balances the underlying cherry, strawberry and rosey character. This wine displays the characteristics we expect from our Gravel Mine Vineyards, but it also reflects the extremely long, 5 month, drought we experienced in the summer of 2002, stressing the vines and concentrating the flavors.

3L BIBB 2002 Gravel Mine Pinot Noir

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