Friday, November 17, 2006

A Euro-Style Boxed Wine Dispenser

Here's that dispenser mentioned in the Cool Hunting item I posted earlier today. It comes from (Netherlands):

Wine "bag in box" Dispenser

Design: Patrik Svanberg

Bag-in-box Wine dispenser - Tired of the less good looking wine dispenser and want a smooth looking alternative? Wine dispenser made in metal and available in white red or black.

Buy a carton of wine (most of the time 3 litres) and remove the carton and put the winebag in the wine dispenser. It looks nice and is very handy.

Size: W 103 mm, H 345 mm, D 180 mm

Available in: Black, Red and White colour.

It sells for 39 euros, plus another 24 for shipping. The only functional advantage I can see is that it lifts the valve up so that the glass can be positioned underneath; the box needn't be perched on the edge of a table or counter. Whether it is more attractive than the cardboard box may be a matter of taste. The dispenser certainly does not disguise the fact that the wine came from a box; it only makes it anonymous.

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1 comment:

GollyGumDrops said...

This really doesn't look like a great idea, as you'd need to take it apart to put the wine back in the fridge. If someone was really bothered about showing a box, then decanting it a half bottle at a time into a glass decanter would seem more sensible.