Friday, November 03, 2006

The Box Is Your Friend at Holiday Parties

The Recipe Source Online blog posts today on Serving Wine at Holiday Parties. Take a look, for good solid advice on purchasing wine for a holiday party. Boxed wine has it's place in the world, and this post does a good job of fitting the box into the big picture. Here's an exerpt

A Box is Your Friend

There is an unfavorable stigma attached to box wine, like lawyers or people obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons. But, box wine is often a party staple. This is because it’s inexpensive, it’s convenient, the leftovers won’t spoil, and even if you don’t enjoy the taste of it, many others do.

Box wine was once the laughing stock of the wine world: people often equated it with cheap wine, it was only purchased by those who had a cash flow problem, and cases of Pinot Noirs were often found pointing and laughing, mocking the box wine from the comfort of their glass bottles. However, over the years this stigma has gone down the drain, and the box wine of today now stores a variety of wine, including wines that are premium.

Recipe Source Online: Serving Wine at Holiday Parties

I find the image of bottles of Pinot Noir pointing and laughing at the lowly box is simultaneously amusing and mildly disturbing.

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