Thursday, November 09, 2006

2005 La Petite Frog, Picpoul de Pinet, 3 Liter Box

From France and available in the US thanks to Kysela Pere et Fils, here's another very interesting addition to the list of bag-in-box wines. I just posted this yesterday on this wine, as it is Denver Post's Wine of the Week, so here are the particulars:

2005 La Petite Frog, Picpoul de Pinet
From Hugues Beaulieu, Cave de Pomerols
France, Pomerol
3 liter box, vintage dated
100% Picpoul (aka Folle Blanche)
Wine Spectator 87
About $34

100% Picpoul, aka Folle Blanche. Pale yellow color with green tints. Fresh and fine aromas of grapefruit and exotic fruit. Lime flavors, with typical focusing acidity, are hallmarks of Picpoul. Our best value, this wine impresses novices and hardened geeks equally. Known as “the Muscadet of the South” in France, this is to the Mediterranean coast of France what Albariño is to northwest Spain…the default wine for fresh shellfish & seafood.

"Fresh and crisp white with citrus, apple and Asian pear flavors. Well-balanced and structured, with hints of spice on the finish. Fine match for shellfish. Drink now." —K.M., Wine Spectator (August 31, 2006), 87 pts - BEST VALUE

Kysela Pere et Fils, Ltd.: Cave de Pomérols

Interesting to note that, if you go to the Cave de Pomerols website, the 2005 Picpoul de Pinet is shown in 3L and 5L BiB packaging, but not under the name "La Petite Frog". It would appear that the label was created especially for the US market, to appeal to our affection for "critter wines". I can't help thinking though, that it is a strange choice of critters, as the French word for frog is actually grenouille, and "frog" is also a derogatory term for a French person.


Anonymous said...

I first saw La Petite Frog at Balducci's specialty (gourmet) grocery store in the Posh "Village' of McLean, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C., and it cost a penny under $25.00. What's up with that? Is this par for wine in a box?

Fly By Night Sailor said...

Typically, the price of wine in a 3-liter box is about 25% less than the price of an equivalent amount of bottled wine (4 bottles), so it's like getting 4 bottles for the price of 3. The retail list price shown by the importer of this boxed Picpoul is $34.00, so the price you saw was actually discounted by over 25%. The prices I find for the same wine from Hugues Beaulieu in a bottle range from $8 to $13. That would put the expected price of this wine in a 3-L box at anywhere from $24 to $39. You saw a good price for the wine. If the price surprised you, it's probably because you are unaccustomed to seeing wine of such quality in boxes.