Wednesday, October 11, 2006

This Is No Boxed Wine - It's Just Twisted!

On Sunday I went to a huge pig pickin' in downeast Carolina, and saw something quite surprising. A gentleman who drove all the way from New York to attend this annual event showed up with his supply of Twisted Tea in boxes!

I tried some. Not bad, if you are heavily into caffeine with your alcohol. This guy was a caffeine fiend (caffeine seems to be a required drug for computer geeks). He told me he bought the liquor store out in late summer when they told him there would be no more boxes this season, and he said Twisted Tea is discontinuing the boxed product because a few boxes "exploded". Now, I've never heard of that before. I can't imagine how it would happen. I have dropped a wine bag of lemonade from a height of twelve feet with no damage.

Anyway, the box is still pictured on the Twisted Tea website. We will see what next summer brings. The TT loving computer geek says if he can't buy it, he will bag his own, and I told him where he can get the bags!

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Alex Odenwalder said...

where can you get bags??!