Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dr. Vino Says Put Spain In a Box

I do love Dr. Vino's wine blog. I just wish I could take one of Dr. Vino's (Tyler Colman) classes at NYU. Alas, I am at the end of the highway in a coastal backwater, with no such educational opportunities nearby.

A month ago I bookmarked Dr. Vino's post, An Open Letter to Jorge:

Dear Jorge Ordonez, importer of wine from Spain,

Bring us a good bag-in-a-box.

Robert Parker may have just sung your praises in his most recent newsletter. He may have lauded some of your top wines such as El Nido with 97 points.

But you also have many great value wines ranging from Tres Picos, to Naia, to Juan Gil. Borsao is great juice for $6 a bottle. You need to put it--or something like it--in a bag in a box. There's certainly no lack of old vine grenache in Spain that rolls in at value pricing. Tap that wine glut.

Dr. Vino's wine blog: September 2006

The letter goes on to point out that boxed wine is the fastest growing segment of the business, and that box wine has great advantages for restaurants.

Dr. Vino knows there is good wine in boxes, and he knows there could and should be more of it. Lots of good stuff on his most excellent wine blog; Dr. Vino should be on every wine lover's must-read list.

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