Monday, October 16, 2006

Boxed Wine Daytripping in Germany

Wow, look at this photo! It's the boxed wine tasting wall! This picture was posted on the Rhinocerus 1515 blog. Todd writes:
Here you see Dave taste-testing wine from a wall of wine boxes. We stopped at two stores (one big, one humongous) that cater to the Danish daytrippers. They can purchase apparently nearly unlimited amounts of alcohol at cheaper German prices and then load up their vehicles and drive back to Denmark with it. Although boxed wine is pretty taboo elsewhere in Germany, Dave and I now know the exact store that must sell more than anywhere else in the country! They had hundreds of types from dozens of lands -- all in handy cardboard boxes with convenient carrying handles. Who would fuss with breakable glass and moldy corks again? :-)

Rhinocerus 1515

Now why can't I find the boxed wine superstore in the US?

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