Monday, September 25, 2006

Time Magazine Discovers the Box!

This week's edition of Time Magazine includes an article about alternative wine packaging. In Look, Ma, No Cork! Sharon Kapnick considers alternatives to corked bottles, including screw caps, cans, and juice boxes, and has this to say about bag-in-box:

Bag-in-the-box containers can keep wines fresh for four to six weeks after they're opened, thanks to the vacuum-sealed bag inside that collapses as the wine is consumed, making it difficult for oxygen to get in and spoil what's left. Although box wines often come in 3-L sizes, equivalent to four bottles of wine, more convenient 1.5-L boxes are becoming available. Look, Ma, No Cork! -- Oct. 2, 2006 -- Page 1

The article concedes that bag-in-box has a certain advantage over the "juice box":

Juice box--style cartons don't offer that extra shelf life once opened, but they are more eco-friendly than bottles.

Thanks Sharon Kapnick and Time Magazine

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