Monday, September 11, 2006

Boxed Wine Holds Its Own in Blind Tasting

For years wine afficionados have claimed the ability to detect a flavor of plastic, or a chemical flavor in boxed wine. Finally we have the results of a blind tasting comparing premium wine out of 3L box packaging to the exact same wine out of cork-finished 750ML glass bottles. The tasting was held at the Society of Wine Educators' Conference on July 13, 2006. The results appear to be very clear cut.

Experts Indicate Personal Preference for 3L Premium Cask Wine Over the Exact Same Wine in Bottles in a Blind Tasting at Society of Wine Educators’ 30th Annual Conference

A comparative blind tasting of innovative and cork‐ finished premium wines by a panel of experts at the Society of Wine Educators’ Conference held on July 13th revealed that wine in 3L premium cask holds its own against the exact same wine in 750ML glass bottles. In a blind tasting of Underdog Wine Merchants’ Killer Juice Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon in both 3L premium cask and 750ML packaging, experts indicated a preference for the cask over the bottle by a margin of 2 to 1. Results for Kunde Estate Winery & Vineyards 2005 Estate Series Chardonnay finished in both screwcap and natural cork showed a slight preference for screwcap. Beyond taste, the experts cited excitement with the convenience factor so important to today’s consumers.

The blind tastings were held as The Alliance for Innovative Wine Packaging (AIWP) presented the “Market Building, Innovative Wine Packaging” panel at the Society of Wine Educators: Wine, Wit and Wisdom Conference in Eugene, Oregon. The panel explored market trends in innovative packaging. Joel Quigley, AIWP Director and Senior Director of Creative Services for Paige Poulos Communications moderated the panel, which included Tim Bell, Director of Winemaking for Kunde Estate Winery & Vineyards, Brendan Eliason, Proprietor and Winemaker for Periscope Cellars, and Adam Richardson, International Winemaker at Underdog Wine Merchants. All three panelists have moved into the use of innovative packaging and closures on part or all of their production for premium, super‐premium and ultra‐premium wines.

ʺAs a winemaker, Iʹm very excited by the outcome of the blind tasting,ʺ said Adam Richardson. ʺThis once again proves that 3L premium cask wines offer consumers yet another choice without sacrificing quality. The bonus for the consumer is that we pass on the savings in packaging and freight costs directly to them.”

“The results here – and other market trends – show that wines in innovative packaging are poised to lead the growth of the wine market in the U.S.,” said Paige M. Poulos, APR, President of Paige Poulos Communications. “There will always be a place on the table for fine wines in glass bottles—innovation will take wine to new places, safely and affordably, with no sacrifice in quality or style.”


It's interesting and, I believe, telling, that the 3L box was preferred 2 to 1, and the screwcap was "slightly" preferred. Next time I'm back, I will post a link which may help to explain this

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